Top Tips for Building an Engaging and Successful Energy Strategy

Welcome to our Top Tips for Building an Engaging and Successful Energy Strategy blog series. This will be the first in a series of 8 action packed practical blogs for anyone looking to build, optimise or deploy an energy strategy.

I have personally enjoyed working in the UK energy sector for well over a decade, and I know how powerful and valuable a high performance, strategic approach can be. I have seen many excellent strategies in action, but also plenty more that are, unfortunately, out of action.

Our team of expert consultants have created these Top Tips to share our collated knowledge and experience with you and the industry. Over the next 8 weeks, we will be blogging bite sized and practical nuggets of information – our “top tips” – to help you in your energy performance endeavours.

Over the next 8 weeks, our blogs will cover some of the more obvious topics such as:

  • Why even think strategically? What’s the point if you still have plenty of easy wins to pick off?
  • When should you be thinking transformation, and when incremental?
  • How can you ensure that those who have influence over your energy performance – whether or not they are in the energy performance team – can add to and engage with your strategy?
  • How can you get commitment from around your organisation for absolute and relative energy and carbon targets

We will also unearth and explore some less obvious topics, including:

  • How can you leverage the power of big data to optimise your strategy?
  • How can you utilise and align with your organisational strategy to maximise your impact?
  • What has Brexit and COP-21 meant for your energy performance prospects? How can you utilise these seismic external shifts to best effect?

Our Energy Strategy team here at Carbon Credentials has drawn together experience of working on energy strategy and performance projects for over 200 clients, totalling £1.7 billion of energy spend per year.


As well as input from the team, there will also be guest appearances highlighting successful case studies.

Stay tuned if you are looking to improve, design or deploy a successful energy strategy for you organisation,

Please feel free to pass the information we share with you to anyone who will find it of use both within your own organisation and beyond.

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