Only 10% of companies have set a carbon reduction target

We recently conducted research to investigate the commitment gap between employees wanting to engage more in their companies’sustainability goals and the action being taken by companies to tackle climate change.

Our research found that only 10% of companies have set carbon-reduction targets. Shockingly none of the companies we surveyed have set science-based targets. 

Gain insight into some of the other key barriers to action , as well as receive insight into how an engaged workforce can be mobilised to achieve ambitious carbon reduction targets

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Confused about Science-Based Targets? Download our new infographic

There is a lot of information about science-based targets in the media at the moment.

It might have left you feeling confused about what is actually means for your company and where you should start when it comes to setting one.

To remedy this, we have developed an easy to follow infographic to make sure setting your first science-based target will be as beneficial to your company as it will to the planet.

Click the image below or here to view the full infographic