Staying cool in the office

By Natalie Kitchin

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Temperatures are rapidly rising as summer encroaches upon us. But this pleasant weather can be problematic for those of us working in an office, especially those without air conditioning. Work becomes a lot harder and sometimes even impossible. This blog is about how we can deal with this heat, staying cool in the office.

Close the blinds

While flooding your desk with natural sunlight seems tempting. A window letting in the hot sun won’t just heat up your thermostat, it’ll heat you up too. During the warmest part of the day, close your blinds and keep out the sun. It can also help insulate your windows, which stops the cold air from escaping.

Stay hydrated

Keeping hydrated helps you to stay cool and drinking ice water will further enhance this effect.

Make sure your thermostat is positioned correctly         

If you put the thermostat on the wall right next to a hot window for instance, then your air conditioner will work harder than it needs to as it thinks that the room is hotter than it is. This is a massive waste of money energy.

Turn off any unused electronics

We’re not telling you to shut down and go home but just to turn off any heat generating objects such as lights, printers, photocopiers that aren’t being used. This will not only reduce the heat in the room but also the amount of electricity you use.

Dress appropriately

Try not to wear colours such as black that absorb light and make you hotter. Instead wear lighter colours that will reflect the light and keep you cooler throughout the day.

Keep the windows closed

Although it may seem natural to open a window and let the fresh air in, this counteracts the air conditioning which will make your office a lot hotter, and also is a waste of energy.

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