2019: the Breakthrough Year for Smart Buildings

Insights from our Smarter Energy Performance Event 2018

We hosted a live event last year at the historic One Great George Street to discuss the benefits of Smart Buildings for your whole portfolio and the people who work there. We had 3 great speakers including Tim Hutchen, Director – Property & Asset Management at JLL, Miles Dunnett, Director, Portfolio Management at Grosvenor Europe, Alistair Johnson, General Manager at Clifford Chance’s Canary Wharf Office and our own Cian Duggan, Chief Innovation Officer for Carbon Credentials.

“The future is here today,” declared Miles Dunnett, our first speaker for the day and Fund Manager for retail destination Liverpool One. Liverpool One is one of the almost 100 buildings that Carbon Credentials has analysed with our Collaborative Asset Performance Programme (CAPP). However the future Miles was speaking about is more broad than energy performance, and more about the range of opportunities for smarter buildings to improve performance.

Smart technology is here today

The technology which drives smarter buildings is ready to be deployed. In 2018 Carbon Credentials was able to quickly retrofit smart building technology to dozens of buildings, providing additional analysis that can improve energy performance or occupant comfort. Carbon Credentials’ “Smart Building Gateway” is now driving insight out of a number of different buildings, making them more energy efficient, reducing the cost of maintenance and improving occupant comfort.

Smarts is about insight, not data

“A key issue is not lack of data but how to use that data,” Alistair Johnson. At Carbon Credentials, we’ve seen a lot of examples of smart meters, sensors or other data programmes being installed without a clear understanding of how that will result in insight or improved performance.

This has led to an understandable and healthy scepticism about how data can drive performance. We need to make sure the smarts deliver results, and that is rarely a data issue, but more about helping people make decisions which lead to more actions to make improvements.

Tim Hutchen, a Director in JLL’s Property and Asset Management team, spoke about how Carbon Credentials’ Collaborative Asset Performance Programme (CAPP) was able to improve energy efficiency at a number of sites which JLL operate. Tim’s experience was similar to Alistair’s as they each were clear about how data and insight can be leveraged to drive human behaviour. Without that specific outcome, the data doesn’t have value, the smarts are dumb.

Measuring Success

An often overlooked aspect of the smart building opportunity is the ability to track and measure success, making it easier to report more specific improvements. The more detail and granular insight, the more that success can be specifically attributed to specific actions or projects.

“I was probably the sceptic in the room at the beginning,” admits Alistair. However, evidence of savings and the benefits of projects helped him understand that the data and insight that smart buildings provide is worth investing in.

2019 the year to make buildings smarter

If the audience and round tables at our event are anything to go by, then we can confidently say that there is an interest and appetite to develop smarter buildings. However, as the speakers confirmed, smartness is about improving the quality of insight to deliver more specific action, and measure the success of the outcome. Pragmatic smart building programmes will result in specific actions and outcomes designed into the process from the outset, with a clear understanding of how smarts result in success.

In 2019, we expect to see a lot more interest in smart buildings. Now that the technology is well established and works well, and the services deliver real and viable outcomes, 2019 looks to be the year smart buildings go mainstream.

Watch our Smart Buildings Video to gain deeper insight into the benefits of smart buildings.

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