Mandatory GHG Reporting

Whether you’re calculating your organisational greenhouse gas emissions on a voluntary or mandatory basis, Carbon Credentials has the expertise required to ensure that your GHG disclosure is relevant, complete, consistent, transparent, and accurate.

We will be involved in the UK 2016 Energy and Carbon Reporting Framework consultation, which may impact current mandatory emissions reporting legislation. For a summary of the Chancellor’s budget statement on the future of the UK energy and carbon compliance landscape, read this blog by our Compliance Director, Alison Mungall.

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GHG Reporting Managed Service

Many of our UK clients are required to comply with Part 7 of the Strategic Report and Directors’ Report Regulations 2013, which requires companies to report on their organisational GHG emissions within their Annual Report & Accounts.

Carbon Credentials’ Greenhouse Gas Reporting Managed Service ensures that compliance reporting is accurate, on-time and adds value to your business.

We collate and validate data throughout the year, and provide quarterly GHG inventories and tailored management reporting. At year end, we draft the GHG disclosure in alignment with the legislation and best practice.

GHG Verification

In 2015, 65% of CDP participants had their greenhouse gas emissions disclosure verified by a third party such as Carbon Credentials.

Furthermore, third-party emissions verification is recommended as good practice by Defra as beneficial to both internal decision-making and external stakeholders, including investors.

Corporate sustainability benchmarks such as CDP and GRESB often put significant emphasis on the verification of emissions.

Carbon Credentials’ approach to GHG verification is underpinned by the internationally accepted standard ISO 14064-3: 2006, which is a systematic, independent and documented process for the evaluation of a GHG assertion against agreed criteria.

GHG Protocol Scope 2 Changes

The publication of updated GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance in 2015 has changed how companies must account for and disclose their emissions from purchased electricity. If your organisation aligns to the GHG Protocol, you must now produce a ‘dual report’, disclosing on Scope 2 emissions according to a ‘location-based’ method and according to a ‘market-based’ method.

Carbon Credentials’ can help you to collect information related to the attributes of your electricity supply in order to calculate your Scope 2 emissions in alignment with the requirements of the updated GHG Protocol.

Our corporate reporting experts also work together with our utility procurement experts to help you to build the internal business case for moving towards green electricity supply.

We can help ensure that your compliance reporting is accurate, on-time and adds value to your organisation. We enable tailored management information and reports to be delivered to stakeholders in the necessary format and frequency, so that sustainability performance can be tracked down to facility level.

As a data-driven organisation, we understand the broader business implications of emissions data integrity – to inform corporate strategy, comply with regulations, evaluate investments, improve transparency, and manage risk. We also look beyond the numbers, applying our objectivity and experience to support continual improvement and help increase the usefulness of your data.

The benefits of better communication

Our communications and reporting services can help your organisation achieve a wide range of objectives:

  • Ensure compliance – Meet your regulatory obligations
  • Leverage data – Enhance the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of your data
  • Improve reputation – Greater corporate transparency will positively impact stakeholder perceptions
  • Manage long-term risks – Stay aware of future energy and climate change related risks
  • Retain employee loyalty – Reporting can have a profound effect on staff happiness and productivity
  • Strengthen financial control – Gain insight into wasteful activity and volatile energy costs
  • Streamline processes – Spend less time gathering data and more time using insights for decision-making
  • Improve competitiveness – Sustainability presents opportunities for your company to gain an advantage
  • Build customer engagement – Customers are increasingly demanding more sustainable products and services

We’re ready to help you with your communications and reporting

We are already helping a wide range of organisations with their communications and reporting – find out why they choose to work with Carbon Credentials.

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