Around 15,000 UK organisations were required to demonstrate ESOS compliance in phase 1.  As part of the EU’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions, qualifying organisations need to identify energy-saving opportunities across your buildings, transport and industrial processes.

The effort required to demonstrate compliance is extensive, with organisations needing to:

  • Correctly assess organisational structures
  • Calculate and verify total energy consumption
  • Undertake compliant energy audits
  • Create a robust evidence pack that will stand up to Environment Agency audit
  • Answer more than 50 notification questions on the Environment Agency portal

If you fail to comply with ESOS by 5 December 2019, your organisation could be fined up to £50,000 – plus an additional £500 per day that the audit remains outstanding.

So compliance is vital – but where do you start?

Get expert ESOS help

Our ESOS experts are ready to help your organisation. As one of the UK’s leading independent energy performance and carbon compliance consultancies, Carbon Credentials can help you accelerate your ESOS compliance process to meet the deadline.

The ESOS initial compliance deadline is 5 December 2019. By then, qualifying organisations must have carried out their ESOS assessment and notified the Environment Agency – is your organisation ready?

Your on-going ESOS requirements

Participants must carry out an additional ESOS assessment in each 4-year compliance period. By working with Carbon Credentials now, you build a firm foundation for on-going ESOS compliance.

Maximise the ESOS opportunity

With our Assured Performance services for ESOS, Carbon Credentials helps you turn ESOS from an obligation into a proactive value-adding initiative.

You can also make a swift return on your investment in ESOS compliance and turn it into a real value-adding opportunity – ultimately achieving significant organisation-wide cost and energy savings.

Optimised ESOS Compliance Programme

As part of our Assured Performance service suite, Carbon Credentials has developed a solution to support organisations with ESOS compliance throughout the lifecycle of Phase 2 of the scheme, leading up to 2019. The solution includes two core services: the Optimised ESOS Plan and the ESOS Managed Service, which run consecutively.

With a team of qualified ESOS Lead Assessors, we also undertake ESOS-compliant energy audits that can be combined with our CAPP service. Read more about CAPP here.

Optimised ESOS Plan

If you’re new to ESOS or would like to review your approach, the Optimised ESOS Plan provides your organisation with the approach to compliance that best meets its business and sustainability objectives.

ESOS Managed Service

The ESOS Managed Service is the proactive approach to leading the implementation of the Optimised ESOS Plan through to achievement of compliance before the ESOS deadline.

Key benefits of our Optimised ESOS Compliance Programme

  • A robust route to compliance that is aligned with your business priorities
  • Return on investment through reduced energy consumption
  • Robust management information on energy consumption across your operations
  • Business case generation for energy performance improvement
  • Increase impact of sustainability strategy
  • Board-level support for energy performance improvement and sustainability
  • Engagement of staff in your sustainability and energy management programme
  • Reduced draw on internal resources

We’re ready to help you with ESOS

We are already assisting many Institutions with their ESOS compliance – find out why they choose to work with Carbon Credentials.

Call Carbon Credentials today on 020 3053 6655

Learn more about how we can help you with other Assured Compliance services such as our CRC Managed Service, CRC Internal Audit and Communications.

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