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Carbon Credentials is the industry-leading CRC Internal Auditor, having conducted well over 350 audits since the start of Phase 1 of the CRC scheme. We have excellent CRC experience with an extensive range of organisations from both the public and private sectors, and understand the specific risks and opportunities associated with CRC.

Our CRC Internal Audit service ensures that your organisation meets the annual mandatory audit requirements of the CRC legislation. It provides an independent and expert approach to validating your CRC Annual Report and Evidence Pack.

By outsourcing your CRC Internal Audit to Carbon Credentials, you gain expert support and advice, and can make more efficient use of your time and internal resources.

Our CRC Internal Audit service is a low-cost, high-value solution. It can also act as an excellent risk communication tool throughout various levels within your organisation.

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The role of the CRC Internal Audit

Now a mandatory annual requirement for CRC participant organisations, the Internal Audit forms a key component of CRC compliance. It also acts as a great narrative for the compliance year, significantly aiding the Environment Agency’s external audit, should your organisation be selected.

The Internal Audit covers all key sections of CRC, including procedures and responsibilities, organisational structure, exemption and exclusions, special events, data sources and annual report validation.

It is performed over two stages, meaning that any identified corrective actions are implemented, and a high level of compliance ensured upon completion.

The audit is conducted primarily with the organisation’s main CRC-responsible person. However, it also includes important communications with other responsible individuals, such as external parties, bureau service providers, Senior Officers and key financial representatives.

Getting the best from your CRC Internal Audit

Internal Audits are most effective when conducted prior to the submission deadline, ensuring that any issues (such as the incorrect interpretation of the organisational structure, or the incorrect application of exemptions and credits) can be identified and acted upon.

An integral part of our Internal Audit is the conduct of a Data Source Spot-Check, which aims to give a high level of assurance to CRC Annual Report calculations, identifying errors in data accuracy and calculations.

The end result of the audit is that the business and appointed Senior Officer has confidence that they are compliant with the CRC scheme, and have ensured minimal resource and cost impacts.

Carbon Credentials and your CRC Internal Audit

The Internal Audit follows a two-stage approach:

Stage 1

Highlights risks and corrective actions against 7 key audit criteria, as well as areas of good practice. The output includes a detailed Stage 1 report and ‘Data Source Spot-Check’ appendix.

Stage 2

Ensures a programme of continual improvement, and is used to review the progress against the issued corrective actions. This results in the issue of a Stage 2 report and Internal Audit Certificate for sign-off by the Senior Officer.

Carbon Credentials applies a tried and tested methodology for CRC Internal Audit. Our approach normally begins with a Stage 1 audit meeting, where we establish a full understanding of your organisation, discuss the key risks associated with CRC, and define all roles and responsibilities. We also run through a defined checklist against the 7 audit sections.

After the stage 1 meeting, we gather and study a range of information, such as your organisation’s CRC Evidence Pack. We make a selection of supplies to audit, and request primary evidence in support of them.

Next we conduct the Data Source Spot-Check. At the same time, we also review the Evidence Pack and all observations made through audit. The output is a Stage 1 audit report, with corrective actions and improvement recommendations as required. We also produce a Data Source Appendix, detailing findings of the Data Source Spot-Check. We assess the overall accuracy of your CRC Annual Report against a 5% threshold. The Stage 1 audit report includes a compliance rating (using a red/amber/green rating system) against each of the 7 audit sections.

We will then agree a Stage 2 date to review the actions and progress made against each section. This results in a Stage 2 audit report and final Audit Certificate for sign-off by a Senior Officer.

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