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Carbon Credentials’ expert Communications services can help your organisation improve corporate transparency and understand sustainability-related business risks and opportunities.

We can support your organisation throughout the sustainability reporting process – from the development of a strategy, assessing materiality and establishing reporting boundaries, and helping you follow policies and procedures for data collation and reporting – all the way through to the assurance of the data.

Carbon Credentials is committed to helping you increase the accuracy and efficiency of your stakeholder communications and reporting processes, enabling you to focus on reducing your overall environmental impact. Our experience with a wide range of clients from varying sectors means that we have the proven expertise to drive best practice within your organisation.

We offer a range of expert communications and reporting services, such as:

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The importance of good communications and reporting

Regulation, competition and instant access to information are driving the trend for better corporate governance and accountability. Effective communication and reporting gives confidence to all your stakeholders – including employees, shareholders, customers, government and regulators.

As a result, it’s vitally important that your organisation provides a true and fair representation of its performance, and that you effectively manage reputational risk through relevant and reliable sustainability reporting.

Organisations are increasingly disclosing their sustainability performance externally, through voluntary reporting initiatives such as DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index), GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project). This process drives transparency and allows organisations to improve measurement and management of risks and opportunities from sustainability-related challenges.

Your organisation may be required to report its emissions, either voluntarily or by law. However, you may find it difficult to interpret and apply the plethora of guidance to your organisation’s specific operations. Understanding the activities within your business that contribute to climate change is key. We can assist in identifying your emissions sources, as well as the corresponding data points and quantification methodologies. We help you develop a mature reporting process that ensures a complete, reliable, consistent, transparent and comparable disclosure.

Why choose Carbon Credentials as your communications partner?

Carbon Credentials’ Communications team is highly proficient in carbon accountancy, and experienced in developing qualitative sustainability disclosures. This combination of skills is critical in helping our clients to articulate their commitments and achievements on climate change, whilst also building awareness of the organisational performance benefits of energy efficiency.

Our dedicated environmental expertise and wide-ranging experience ensure that you can achieve value for money from your sustainability reporting obligations. We understand that different organisations are at different stages of maturity when it comes to energy and sustainability reporting, and our services are therefore designed to improve measurement, management and disclosure at every stage.

An expert approach to communications and reporting

We can help you increase the accuracy and efficiency of your reporting processes, helping you to focus on reducing your organisation’s overall environmental impact. Our services can assist you in the preparation of voluntary and regulatory external sustainability disclosures. Our experts can advise on developing and improving your sustainability reporting capabilities, particularly through independent assurance of corporate emissions statements.

With high-quality communications and reporting, you give confidence to your stakeholders, and reduce risks arising from disclosure of incorrect information. Our experienced team is able to improve the quality of your disclosures, as well as help your business to develop its overall reporting capabilities.

We can help ensure that your compliance reporting is accurate, on-time and adds value to your organisation. We enable tailored management information and reports to be delivered to stakeholders in the necessary format and frequency, so that sustainability performance can be tracked down to facility level.

As a data-driven organisation, we understand the broader business implications of emissions data integrity – to inform corporate strategy, comply with regulations, evaluate investments, improve transparency, and manage risk. We also look beyond the numbers, applying our objectivity and experience to support continual improvement and help increase the usefulness of your data.

The benefits of better communication

Our communications and reporting services can help your organisation achieve a wide range of objectives:

  • Ensure compliance – Meet your regulatory obligations
  • Leverage data – Enhance the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of your data
  • Improve reputation – Greater corporate transparency will positively impact stakeholder perceptions
  • Manage long-term risks – Stay aware of future energy and climate change related risks
  • Retain employee loyalty – Reporting can have a profound effect on staff happiness and productivity
  • Strengthen financial control – Gain insight into wasteful activity and volatile energy costs
  • Streamline processes – Spend less time gathering data and more time using insights for decision-making
  • Improve competitiveness – Sustainability presents opportunities for your company to gain an advantage
  • Build customer engagement – Customers are increasingly demanding more sustainable products and services

We’re ready to help you with your communications and reporting

We are already helping a wide range of organisations with their communications and reporting – find out why they choose to work with Carbon Credentials.

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