In October 2018 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) confirmed that we must reduce global emissions by 45% by 2030 to avoid a climate crisis.

Companies have a responsibility to respond to this clear message and commit to a zero-carbon future by setting science-based targets.

A “science-based target” is a roadmap that a company commits to in order to make cuts in its carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions in line with climate science.

By aligning targets with the level of de-carbonisation needed to keep global temperature rise well-below 2°C, companies can ensure their targets are meaningful and working towards avoiding the worst effects of climate change.

Over 550 companies have already committed, why should you join them?

  • Drive innovation and transform business practices
  • Public commitment builds credibility and reputation
  • Demonstrate leadership and influence policy
  • Drive efficiencies, save money and increase competitiveness
  • Differentiates companies from peers
  • Build a more resilient business by preparing for the future

Read about the commitments Carbon Credentials made when we had our climate goal approved by the Science Based Targets initiative.

How can we help?

Carbon Credentials has worked with many large and complex multinational organisations to set science-based targets and has experience in a multitude of sectors, including retail and manufacturing sectors. We have even set our own science-based target and are the first zero carbon company to have our climate goal approved by the Science Based Targets initiative.

  • Our science-based target setting process is robust and proven
  • We engage leadership teams to ensure alignment with corporate strategy and secure buy-in to targets
  • We have deep knowledge of the GHG protocol & modelling scope 3 emissions
  • Our joined-up approach uses our technical, engineering and data expertise to build climate strategies that enable our clients to realise their full potential
  • Using our data management platform (ADAPt), we are able to perform the analytics required to model business growth trajectories and emissions reduction scenarios for the development of SBTs

How can your organisation commit to a low carbon future?

550+ companies globally including Tesco, BT, Unilever & Pukka Herbs have committed to setting science-based targets. Understand how help you to set a science-based target with our guide, which includes recommendations on:

  • Building your case for setting science-based targets
  • Clarifying the SBTi criteria you need to meet
  • Demystifying scope 3 emissions reporting
  • Understanding the steps to getting your target validated
  • Finding the right approach to engage your stakeholders

Download the guide here

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