Scientists understand the level of action needed worldwide to keep global warming within 2°C, but how does this apply to your business? Science-based targets translate the level of action needed globally down to a corporate level.

A “science-based target” is a roadmap that a company commits to with the aim to make cuts in its carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. A greenhouse gas emissions target can be considered “science-based” if the emission reductions it outlines are in line with keeping the global temperature increase below 2°C compared to pre-industrial temperatures.

By aligning targets with the level of de-carbonisation needed to keep global temperature rise below 2°C, companies can ensure their targets are meaningful and working towards avoiding the worst effects of climate change.

Increasing popularity
To date, over 507 companies are taking science-based climate action and 163 companies have approved science-based targets. With the Science-Based Targets initiative gearing up to charge for approvals in the future, now has never been a better time to get involved and start the approval process.

Global warming is expected to reach

4.1 °C – 4.8 °C above pre-industrial by the end of the century.

Paris Agreement

Commitment to keep warming below 2°C and pursue efforts to 1.5°C

To meet this, GHG emissions would need to be greatly reduced by 2050

How can we help?

Carbon Credentials has worked with many large and complex multinational organisations to set science-based targets and has experience in a multitude of sectors, including retail and manufacturing sectors.

Our expertise in greenhouse gas accounting, energy engineering, and data analysis is the ideal mix for helping companies set and achieve their ambitious targets.

We have a strategic approach to enabling business to set the appropriate level of ambition to reduce their carbon emissions in line with the science.

Did you know – Many companies fail to gain SBTi approval when dealing with Scope 3 – we have specific expertise in analytics and modelling of Scope 3 emissions.

We have in-depth experience in developing science-based targets for leading businesses including Tesco, the first corporate to have approved 1.5 degree targets

Check out all the companies that are taking action

If your business does not reduce its emissions in line with the scientific trajectory to reach 2 degrees, then other businesses will have to make up for your shortfall.

Our Services

We can help you

set Science-Based Targets

Build and deploy highly impactful energy and Sustainability Strategies

Engage with key stakeholders


Data Analytics

Why Set a Science-Based Target

  • Drive innovation and transform business practices
  • Public commitment builds credibility and reputation
  • Demonstrate leadership and influence policy
  • Drive efficiencies, save money and increase competitiveness
  • Differentiates companies from peers
  • Build a more resilient business by preparing for future legislation

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