As an Associate Partner of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), Carbon Credentials has supported a number of its real estate clients in achieving ‘Green Star’ status across their portfolios.

Carbon Credentials works with a number of market-leading real estate organisations in the UK, including The Crown Estate, Hermes Investment Management (Hermes), and Aviva Investors, helping them to drive value out of sustainability data.

Our clients Regent Street, of the Crown Estate portfolio, and Big Yellow Group achieved the number 1 ranking in their respective peer groups in GRESB 2017. The GRESB team at Carbon Credentials has extensive experience and proven success having supported more than 100 funds to submit to GRESB over the past four years.  Carbon Credentials has helped increase the scores of these funds by 114%.

Carbon Credentials’ work with Hermes is covered in detail in this case study published on the GRESB Innovation Portal.

From Reporting to Performance

As a GRESB Associate Partner, Carbon Credentials hopes to shift the focus from reporting and disclosure to encourage more strategic thinking on how responders approach the questionnaire and the results of the benchmark.

We understand that reporting sustainability information, through programmes such as GRESB, provides companies with a framework for continual improvement of sustainability performance.

GRESB has the potential of being a truly useful benchmark to support strategy and best practice in Commercial Real Estate. However, it is the ability of organisations to integrate and make this an effective part of their Responsible Property or sustainability programme, which will enable this success.

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