What do we do?

Change culture and employee behaviour

In a manner that will reduce resource use, minimise environmental impacts, generate cost savings and improve employee engagement and satisfaction.

Provide motivation

Work with your teams to spark their interest, gain commitment, belief and introduce incentives to engage in the desired behaviours.

Establish capabilities

Provide your staff the knowledge, skills and abilities to engage the desired behaviours.

Create opportunities

Give your staff resources, and make the desired behaviours normal, easy, available and accessible.

How we deliver our programmes

An effective behaviour change or communications programme encompasses activities and initiatives across the five components shown below.

Visible leadership and effective governance

Stakeholder mapping, interviews and surveys to understand, empower and gain senior buy-in.

Training and learning

On-site workshops, handbooks, manuals and interactive training modules.

Expert support and guidance

On and off-site support and guidance for your team.

Tools and resources for staff

Action Plans, checklists and staff toolkits to embed processes and maintain engagement.

Engaging communications

Programme branding and collateral, graphic design, internal and external communications.

Data driven and insightful reporting

Collection, verification and analysis of energy and BMS data.

What makes us different?


Our in-house data and analytics platform (ADAPt) allows us to directly quantify the impact of initiatives. We find that visualising the impact helps maintain enthusiasm and momentum.
Data-driven insights also allow us to focus on the areas where we can make the most impact, leading to demonstrable benefits and savings.


Our in-house Design Team provide impactful sustainability communications that encourage real change. Working with a wide range of company styles, we are able to tailor materials to your organisation’s look and feel. By using relevant examples and contextualised data we make difficult concepts easy to grasp. Visual communication is a powerful tool – we can help you visualise data to inform stakeholders, encourage action, and provide feedback on your successes.

Smart and Strategic

Most people are aware of what they can do to reduce their environmental impact, but this awareness does not always translate into action. Together we can explore the opportunities and barriers to changing behaviour, and design interventions that have an impact. Through surveys, interviews and workshops we can establish an engagement strategy and with our expert insights, you can better prioritise how you work with stakeholder groups to ensure initiatives stick.

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