Many UK organisations are now required to develop individual carbon reduction strategies, targets and associated Carbon Management Plans. A Carbon Management Plan will typically include:

  • A carbon management policy or strategy
  • Carbon reduction targets for future years, set against a baseline
  • An implementation plan to achieve carbon emission reductions including timescales and resources
  • Clear responsibilities for carbon management
  • A commitment to monitor progress towards targets regularly and to report publicly annually

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Carbon Credentials and your Carbon Management Plan

Developing and implementing your Carbon Management Plan can be a complex and time-consuming process – which is where Carbon Credentials can help. Our experts will help you develop a bespoke approach, aligned with your organisation’s wider strategic objectives, yet flexible enough to respond to change. This enables you to realise the associated benefits in terms of energy cost savings and performance improvement.

What makes our approach different?

We take a data, engineering and engagement-led approach to define current performance, understand your needs, identify opportunities and guide you to successful low carbon delivery. Our typical engagement process comprises four on-going cyclical phases:


Review of successes, challenges and opportunities, collaboration with key stakeholders and the development of structured project plans


Embed the principles, procedures and actions that will lead to success by engaging with all stakeholder groups


Deliver carbon reductions by supporting projects from design to implementation


Measure, verify and communicate carbon savings through an approach aligned to the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP)

We’re ready to help with your Carbon Management Plan

We are already assisting many organisations with their Carbon Management Plans – find out why they choose to work with Carbon Credentials.

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