The Challenge

Innovate UK estimate that average building carbon emissions are 3.8 times higher than design estimate and only 2% (1 in 49) of buildings had actual carbon emissions that matched the design estimate.*

Unfortunately, many buildings are not being operated in an energy efficient manner due to a lack of focus, visibility of operations and effective controls.

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Our Solution

The Collaborative Asset Performance Programme (CAPP) provides an end-to-end energy optimisation solution from diagnostic and implementation to ongoing performance monitoring to ensure sustained benefits.

CAPP establishes intelligent control of building performance by collecting and analysing data from the Building Management System (BMS) and half-hourly energy meters.

Using ADAPt, our data platform, CAPP provides new visibility of plant operation and building conditions that is not available even with advanced BMS solutions.

We work in collaboration with your site teams, including operations, facilities management and BMS engineers, to ensure that goals are achieved and savings are sustained.

The success of CAPP is achieved through a combination of innovative technology, robust processes and proactive collaboration with the key building stakeholders.

Our Process

CAPP has revealed low and no-cost changes to settings and controls that have typically led to immediate savings of 7% to 25%.

Implementation stage: Working closely with your teams and by deep diving into the building data, the energy savings opportunity is quantified and qualified.

The identified savings are captured by implementing the agreed changes in collaboration with your building team and BMS contractor.

Performance Managed Service stage: The savings are sustained and grown through ongoing project management, automated alerts, reports and engineering support. The ongoing service embeds improved practices and ensures savings are verified.

The Value of CAPP

Our collaborative asset performance programme can help your organisation achieve a wide range of objectives:

  • Cost savings – significant cost savings for landlords and tenants
  • Verified energy savings – demonstrable reduction in natural gas and electricity consumption verified through integrated M&V process
  • Engaged stakeholders – technical stakeholders and site occupiers are engaged as part of the solution
  • Clarity for tenants – reduction in tenant energy costs and clarity of landlord energy charges
  • Comfort and wellbeing – data can be used to improve comfort and increase the productivity of occupants
  • Remote Monitoring – remote monitoring, alarms, and exception reporting for immediate fault identification
  • Increased efficiency – more efficient use of equipment leading to longer life for heating, cooling, and ventilations plants
  • Data-driven solution – detailed data analytics, algorithms, and visualisation drive proven performance improvements

Our Success

Carbon Credentials is 100% focused on enabling a global low carbon economy. We utilise a unique combination of people, process, and technology to enable our clients to reduce their energy costs and optimise the performance of their buildings.

Our proprietary ADAPt platform manages data from over 41,000 buildings built up over 10 years.

CAPP has been successfully implemented in many buildings across the UK, including hotels, offices, retail centres and public sector sites. In recognition of its impact, our solution has won accolades at industry awards.


London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine's CAPP

At the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, we had verified annual cost savings of £82,100. This equates to savings of 10.3% of annual energy spend for the building.

Corn Exchange, Cushman & Wakefield

A collaboration between Cushman & Wakefield and Carbon Credentials enabled wide-reaching savings to be made through Carbon Credentials' Collaborative Asset Performance Programme (CAPP). This saw immediate savings of £48,000 in the first five months and reductions of 42% in landlord consumption, leading to a payback on the programme in three months.

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