Carbon Credentials can help you develop a clearer understanding of the energy saving and renewable opportunities available within your property and facilities portfolio. We enable you to establish the best routes forward for implementing and financing these opportunities, and support you through procurement, installation and on-going verification of the savings achieved.

We can work with you to develop the optimum Energy Performance Contract and obtain maximum external funding – creating a low risk, zero up-front cost solution for the installation of opportunities.

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Supporting you throughout Capital Projects

We provide support through each stage of your project’s development and implementation:

Stage 1: Development of Procurement Plan

Our Capital Projects service generally starts with the development of a pre-procurement strategy and plan. This helps develop your understanding of the capital opportunity, as well as the possible routes to successfully procuring and installing the required energy-saving and renewable equipment. Our planning support process typically covers the following elements:

  • Technical analysis – including evaluation of any existing heating and electricity, current site loads and planned energy efficiency upgrades (including interviews with site staff), as well as evaluation of technical opportunities for energy savings (including renewable heating and electricity, overhaul or replacement) – then review and aggregate projects to build a sizable funding opportunity.
  • Market analysis – including evaluation of current proposals, overview of other market players, and evaluation of potential funding options if required.
  • Impact analysis – assess the impact of identified projects, available capital and factors that will drive increasing emissions on your energy reduction targets.
  • Risk analysis – qualifying the risks, opportunities and benefits associated with various funding routes, including assessment of Energy Performance Contracting solutions.
  • Plan and roadmap – Define the financial and strategic objectives, identify resource requirements, and collaboratively develop a clear and focused roadmap for project implementation.

Stage 2: Procurement Support Service

Next we undertake ‘best in class’ tendering and procurement to select your ideal ESCO or installation partner. Deliverables include the development of tender pack documentation, and management of the tender process over an expected period of 3-4 months. This enables the development of the optimal Energy Performance Contract.

Stage 3: Delivery of Capital Projects / Energy Performance Contract

The next phase is the delivery of successful Capital Projects or Energy Performance Contract with the preferred FM or ESCO partner. This can include an Investment Grade Audit (IGA) undertaken by the preferred FM or ESCO partner, to fully realise a guaranteed level of costs and savings from the proposed energy efficiency and renewable energy measures within your portfolio. It involves in-depth creation and analysis of building energy baselines, coordination of supplier visits, and collation and designing of your ideal technical solution. It also includes the development and agreement of legal documents as part of the Energy Performance Contract.

Stage 4: Project Implementation Support

Next comes the installation and implementation of the energy efficiency and renewable energy measures set out in your finalised Investment Grade Proposal. This stage involves multiple contractors delivering multiple installations across your building portfolio. Timescales will depend on the scope of the project and can range from 3-12 months.

Effective and efficient Project Management of this phase is key from both the preferred ESCO and your own team to ensure project delivery as well as minimising the impacts of the installation programme. By utilising Carbon Credentials as a third-party project management support, you can reduce the time and capacity requirements on your internal staff, enabling them to continue with their day job with minimal disturbance.

Stage 5: On-Going Measurement and Verification of Savings

The final stage in any Capital Project or Energy Saving Performance Contract is the on-going measurement and verification (M&V) of the energy savings produced from the installation of measures by the preferred ESCO. This is vital to ensure that realised savings can be attributed to the installed energy saving equipment – and are not due to any other factors, such as a reduction in site operating hours. This phase will consist of an M&V Plan (most often provided by the preferred ESCO) and yearly reports on the energy savings created by the project.

The key delivery of the M&V service is a series of International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP)-compliant reports to verify the energy savings of the sites annually during the contract period. These are undertaken using the methodology outlined in your M&V Plan and will show any deviation between the actual energy use and the level projected by the models in the M&V Plan. In this way, each savings report shows the energy savings achieved by the project.

Key advantages of working with Carbon Credentials

  • Expert support from the leading independent practitioner within the EPC marketplace, whose team members have over 15 years of experience in the UK ESCO industry
  • Unique understanding of the specific technical, financial, and contractual risks that can hinder the development of an optimal EPC
  • A single, trusted, flexible, independent advisor to support you through the whole procurement process
  • The best value and highest quality support for Capital Projects and EPC
  • Access even greater value from Carbon Credentials – when you engage with both our Assured Analytics and Assured Performance services to fully understand your energy strategy

We’re ready to help with your Capital Projects

We are already assisting many organisations with their Capital Projects and EPC process – find out why they choose to work with Carbon Credentials.

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