Return to the Brondesbury Park Energy Garden

Wednesday 25th April 2018 / by Anna Cockburn

On Saturday the 14th April we were delighted to return to Brondesbury Park’s Energy Garden, and even more pleased to see the sun was shining for a day of outside gardening.

Our involvement with Energy Gardens is attributed to our Carbon Credentials charity initiative called 3Ci. This is our workplace volunteering and charity fundraising scheme, set up and run by Carbon Credentials employees. As a professional services firm in the sustainability sector, we are keen to have an impact on the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, economic and social. Our vision with 3Ci is to showcase the role businesses can play in tackling global issues and delivering sustainable transformational change.

Ben, Claudia, Emma, and Miguel working up a sweat building the new pathway.

Mark, Anna and Aga have a quick tea break from clearing the scrubland.

Energy Garden is the world’s first citywide combined community energy and gardening project. By engaging with local communities, landowners and businesses, the project aims to create a network of interconnected community Energy Gardens at multiple rail stations across London’s Overground line. Brondesbury Park is the first Energy Garden – there are embankments on both sides of the platform which are filled with fruit, vegetables, and hops.

During our last visit in September we cleared the scrubland and planted numerous trees, since then many of the plants and hops have grown and a beehive has been constructed. Read our blog from our last visit.

View from the platform of all the work that’s been done, both today and previously.

During our most recent visit, to expand the energy garden further, we continued to clear the scrubland and cut down small shrubs to make natural paths. Other members of the team constructed two sets of impressive red brick steps and widened the pathway around the bees’ hut. We also planted an abundance of kale, wildflowers and hazelnut trees.  At the end of our working day, we even got to enjoy the autumn hops harvest in the form of Energy Garden Ale, which was welcomed in the 20+ degrees.

In the coming months, we are hoping to return to construct and implement solar panels and assemble the beekeeper shed. We are proud to be part of this project and our efforts will contribute to supporting social interaction with the environment and raising awareness of renewable energy generation.

Thank you to the Energy Garden’s team for your encouragement on the day and your ambition to increase awareness of sustainable development.

Anna Cockburn