Reaching Enlightenment with a Smart Building Gateway

The Internet of Things is growing at a staggering rate – there are now 3 connected devices for every human on the planet, and that number is growing exponentially.

But is your building keeping up with the pace?

Every day the built environment undergoes dynamic changes to its occupancy patterns, air quality and plant operation. Whilst these changes may seem subtle or routine, they can have a major impact on energy use, carbon emissions and occupant wellbeing.

These impacts often go undiagnosed, which is part of the reason that building emissions are nearly four times higher than design estimates (even amongst modern, well designed buildings!)

With increasing energy costs and tenant demand for sustainable, productive working environments, making sense of these changes has never been more important.

Could a Smart Building Gateway be the solution?

Smart Building Gateways provide a greater understanding of building performance, by optimising energy & comfort, and reaching data enlightenment.

A recent Carbon Credentials’ connected building “CAPP” project (Collaborative Asset Performance Programme) saw a 21% energy cost saving achieved immediately at no capital cost. Prior to being connected this London office building was believed to be operating well, with site personnel unaware of the savings potential that existed.

But once the gateway was deployed, enormous potential was seen for improved operational control thanks to the data insights enabled by the Smart Building Gateway that were simply not possible using existing industry-standard BMS trending and visualisations.

So how can you achieve similar results?

It might be easier than you think. With IoT costs dropping and more flexible solutions entering the market, there is no better time to embrace intelligent building energy performance.

Carbon Credentials offers flexible solutions that enable powerful insight on performance without interfering with your building operations or security.

We then work in collaboration with your team, leveraging data insights to drive meaningful reductions in energy & carbon, and improved operation and comfort.

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