Collaborative working is needed to optimise building controls

It is widely acknowledged that the majority of both modern and older buildings are not run and maintained in the most energy efficient manner.

Collaborative working is needed to optimise building controls and unlock verifiable savings.

To achieve this, Carbon Credentials has developed the Collaborative Asset Performance Programme (CAPP). This case study outlines the savings achieved using the CAPP at the Village Hotel in Maidstone.

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Village Hotels is a chain of 28 hotels across the UK. As a trusted partner, Carbon Credentials had previously supported the hotel chain with data collation, performance reporting and environmental compliance.

A number of quick win, low cost opportunities arose from this work.

Carbon Credentials helped Village Hotels create a robust business case and a clear plan to realise these opportunities at one pilot hotel in Maidstone, using our Collaborative Asset Performance Programme (CAPP).


The CAPP included optimising the building’s technology whilst engaging all relevant teams, including operations, facilities management and the BMS service provider; in alignment with the business strategy of Village Hotels.

Information from a data acquisition device, site audits and collaboration with the teams, produced a list of agreed changes to achieve the energy and cost savings.


Significant benefits were immediately achieved, including verified forecast savings of over £30,000 (14%) per year for the Maidstone hotel.

For instance, by optimising the boiler settings, the heating requirements of the Maidstone hotel can now be met more efficiently. It now uses only one of the two boilers that were previously needed – even during colder conditions.

Furthermore, remote monitoring allows issues and faults to be quickly identified and rectified, avoiding impacts on the hotel users and potential plant damage, saving significant amounts of energy.

If you are looking to close the energy performance gap across your building portfolio, contact us. To read more about our Assured Performance services, click here.

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