Building a data-driven strategy to achieve the UK’s most carbon efficient campus

We started working with the University of Winchester to develop a new Carbon Reduction Strategy to 2025. By 2015 they had achieved their ambitious carbon target of 30% reduction.

“Carbon Credentials’ innovation and expertise enabled us to get more value from our data and achieve our carbon management goals.”  Mat Jane, Head of Energy & Environment


The University of Winchester has over 8,500 students & staff, including 1,700 students living on campus in halls of residence, 28 academic and non-academic buildings, and a turnover of approximately £75 million. Since their original carbon targets were set the size of the campus has grown by 72% (GIA).

The University has made a deep commitment to sustainability and their Senior Management Team is leading the way with an ambition and determination to become the most sustainable campus in the UK.


When we first started working with The University of Winchester, they had already met their 2015 carbon reduction targets but their strategy required updating and the next phase needed to be planned for; including setting new targets and providing clarity on how these would be achieved.

They needed to engage with staff and students to raise awareness of the strategy, celebrate successes and agree on priorities for the future. Once the new carbon reduction strategy was in place, they needed a better system and processes to manage and report on energy, waste and carbon data.

How we helped

  • We undertook a Carbon Management Diagnostic, engaging with the senior leadership and those involved with carbon management. We agreed on the priorities for the university covering; their ambition, the challenges, the opportunities and the optimal approach to develop a new strategy.
  • We worked closely with both the Energy & Environment team and the Senior Leadership Team to build their Carbon Reduction Strategy and set targets for 2030. We made sure the strategy was aligned with the University’s wider strategic objectives and values, ensuring their ambition “to be the most carbon efficient campus in the UK” was at the centre of it. We provided clarity on the business case and the value at risk.
  • We provided creative ways to engage with staff and students by telling stories through data visualisation (see above)
  • By implementing a data management and reporting programme we were able to provide monthly reporting at a building level on energy performance.
  • Our data managed service was delivered through the combination of people, process, and technology. It ensured data accuracy, quick mobilisation, and improved efficiency reducing time requirements for the University of Winchester.

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