In November 2015, Carbon Credentials relocated its head office to Regent Street; in the heart of one of the world’s prime commercial locations. The business serves many Central London headquartered clients who greatly value the proximity of the company for frequent project meetings and minimising the need for travel.

Carbon Credentials attracts the highest calibre environmental consultants with a passion for reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions from its global client base, including one of its most prestigious clients, and landlord, the Crown Estate

The fit out and design process of Carbon Credentials’ new office focused on sustainability and staff well-being, supporting the team’s passion for delivering high quality consulting with a keen environmental focus. The Crown Estate, one of the largest property companies in the UK, promulgate its responsibility and commitment to sustainability to occupiers through a detailed set of ‘fit out guidelines’ encouraging sustainability and well-being.

The Office Fit-Out

During fit-out, thorough measures were taken to limit the environmental impact of the works and of the materials employed, in line with The Crown Estate’s guidelines including:

  • Office furniture was sourced to be “cradle to cradle” certified, denoting products that utilise materials that are either designed to be reused or returned to the natural environment.
  • The wood used was FSC certified, assuring that it has been obtained from responsibly managed forestry or recycled materials.
  • All furniture and supplies were delivered directly to site from factory or source to lower transport emissions.
  • The stain and seal materials used on the office cladding was water-based.
  • A low power LED lighting system was installed.
  • A ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ disposal etiquette was established, which has continued into occupancy to try and reduce the environmental impact waste produced on site may have.
  • Contractors were local to London and most products were UK sourced to minimise transport and shipping emissions.
  • Partitioning suppliers employed have environment certification confirming they source locally and manufacture responsibly.
  • Glazed partitions were created with recyclable aluminium and glass from UK manufacturers

The Office Design

The office utilises modern fixtures and design elements to promote staff wellbeing and productivity. These include:


The Crown Estate’s fit-out guide has supported Carbon Credentials, a sustainability consultancy, in aligning their goals with their clients, and shows that Carbon Credentials is leading by example. The fit out and design of the office has enabled Carbon Credentials to focus in on the most impactful projects/ solutions that also align with The Crown Estate’s sustainability goals. Utilising high-efficiency appliances, LED lighting and environmentally minded staff, the office achieves a REEB benchmarking score of 126.

The guide has enabled Carbon Credentials to combine energy-efficiency with features that improve the happiness and productivity of staff. The well-lit, comfortable office space has increased the wellbeing levels of the staff, and highlights Carbon Credentials’ commitment to providing an enjoyable, productive environment.

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