Simple Steps to change behaviour and achieve measurable savings

It is widely recognised that behaviour change and staff engagement can have a significant impact on reducing energy consumption. When delivered effectively, these programmes can be a high impact and low cost way to consistently achieve demonstrable consumption and cost savings.

To prove the cost savings that could be achieved annually by working closely with staff on energy efficiency, Carbon Credentials delivered a two month engagement programme for Sherwoods of Darlington.


Carbon Credentials has worked with General Motors since 2011 and in 2015 General Motors requested Carbon Credentials’ support to help launch the Retailer Energy Efficiency programme at dealerships across the UK.

Following the programme launch, Carbon Credentials set up an energy engagement programme and led a two month pilot at Sherwoods Dealership.


Carbon Credentials held a training workshop for programme coordinators, providing an overview of their role and confirming the procedures that would achieve energy savings.

A site walk-round identified equipment that could be switched off during the day and overnight. During this walk round electrical equipment and switches were clearly labelled. A checklist was then developed and responsibilities were clearly laid out for the switch off processes.

To maintain momentum and track progress, energy reports were issued prior to fortnightly conference calls to overcome challenges and share ideas.


A 10% reduction in energy use was achieved during the two month programme, equivalent to an annual cost saving of £12,000.

A 20% reduction in electricity use was achieved over the August Bank Holiday weekend, when compared to the same weekend the previous year.

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