Compliance case study
Our coordinated approach with ISG ensured a fully optimised CDP response.

ISG has responded to the CDP Climate Change programme since 2014, and in 2017 it responded to the CDP Supply Chain programme.

CDP, formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, runs the global disclosure system that enables companies to measure and manage their environmental impacts.

CDP’s network of investors and purchasers, representing over $100 trillion, along with policy makers around the globe, use our data and insights to make better-informed investments.


ISG is a global construction services company specialising in fit out, technology, construction and development.
Carbon Credentials has worked with ISG since 2011, helping to ensure compliance to energy and carbon legislation, reporting to its stakeholders on its climate change risks and opportunities, and to set emissions reduction targets in line with climate change science.

In 2017, Carbon Credentials worked with ISG for the forth year to complete its annual CDP Climate Change submission. A key objective was to ensure that ISG’s submission accurately reflected efforts across the Group to mitigate climate change risks, and realise the opportunities associated with the low-carbon transition.


1. Gap Analysis Our expert CDP team scored ISG’s 2016 CDP response using the updated 2017 scoring methodology to identify opportunities for improving ISG’s score.

2. Information Request & Engagement Based on the gaps identified in ISG’s response, Carbon Credentials issued a targeted information request and conducted a number of interviews to understand activities to manage climate change across the organisation.

3. Drafting & Submission Utilising Carbon Credentials’ expert knowledge of the CDP guidance, the team populated ISG’s 2017 response, ensuring alignment with the CDP scoring methodology.

4. Planning Ahead To ensure continual improvement and engagement, Carbon Credentials issued a clear


ISG’s 2017 CDP Climate Change submission was awarded Leadership status (A-) and is therefore in the top quintile of UK companies responding to CDP. ISG was also recognised by CDP as a global leader for supporting its clients engaging its supply chain to tackle carbon emissions and climate change, and was included on the 2018 Supplier Engagement leaderboard.

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