Stakeholder engagement to enable material indicators to be reported on

Jupiter Fund Management Plc (Jupiter) undertakes a number of voluntary activities to disclose its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance each year. These include reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, voluntary disclosure of environmental performance in CDP (Climate Disclosure Project), and public presentation of ESG information in accordance with the GRI Guidelines.

In 2017, Jupiter chose to align its ESG information with GRI G4. In this case study, we describe how Carbon Credentials supported Jupiter in this process.


Carbon Credentials has worked with Jupiter since 2014 delivering quarterly greenhouse gas emissions reports and supporting the annual submission to the CDP.

Jupiter is committed to reporting on its significant economic, environmental and social impacts and therefore, in 2017, worked with Carbon Credentials to prepare its first GRI G4 Report.


Carbon Credentials conducted a review of Jupiter’s current ESG reporting against best practice and identified what actions needed to be taken to move from G3 to G4 reporting.

Our ESG experts conducted a number of internal and external stakeholder interviews and sent out quantitative surveys to understand the level of stakeholder concern regarding a wide range of sustainability issues. This informed the selection of a number of material GRI sustainability Aspects and Indicators against which Jupiter will now report and measure its performance.


As a result of this process, Jupiter is now reporting in alignment with best practice developments, and has greater insight into how it delivers against its responsibilities.

Carbon Credentials applied their expertise to identify what is most important to our stakeholders and investors, supporting us to align to new reporting requirements.

Alex Sargent
Alex SargentHead of Finance

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