Making an impact working with Brondesbury Park’s Energy Garden

November 10, 2017 / by Paul Lewis, CEO

The reason we all come to work together every day is to make an impact.

It is natural for us, given what we do, that most of this impact is in the form of energy savings, financial savings and a net reduction of GHG emissions, and I am excited that we are doing great work in quantifying our contribution in these areas.

I am equally as proud of our social impact that we are starting to make, and 3Ci (the Carbon Credentials Charity Initiative) is leading the way for us. Our vision with 3Ci is to showcase the role businesses can play in tackling global issues and delivering sustainable transformational change.

As an example of our commitment to 3Ci, the whole Carbon Credentials team headed over to Brondesbury Park overground station, earlier this autumn to meet the Energy Garden team.

From left to right, Winston, James, Matt, Susie, and Ollie clearing scrub creating more space for Energy Garden to expand into

The land cleared was on the bank down to the platform. Here you can see members of Carbon Credentials working hard to get it cleared

Some of the Carbon Credentials team who helped out pause for a group photo.

Ed (left) and Paul (right), break down and remove the scrub that has been cut down.

Energy Garden is the world’s first citywide combined community energy and gardening project. By engaging with local communities, landowners and businesses, the project aims to create a network of interconnected community Energy Gardens at multiple rail stations across London’s Overground line.

Brondesbury Park is the first Energy Garden – there are embankments on both sides of the platform which are filled with fruit, veg and hops.

As part of a project to expand the Energy Garden at this site, the Carbon Credentials team was tasked with clearing a large fenced off area of scrubland. We spent a very wet, and enjoyable morning, hacking down brambles and weeds in a 290 square meter space on the site and planting trees (6 plum, apple and peach trees), and 40 different chilli plants.

Thank you, Carbon Credentials, for joining us on Friday September 8th. Your ‘can do spirit’ and smiling faces shone through the rainy moments. The Brondesbury Park Energy Garden is now not only the first Energy Garden site on Network Rail land but now also the biggest Energy Garden
Aga Otero, Co-founder of Energy Garden

We will be returning in the New Year to install a PV array, assemble a beekeeper shed & install air quality sensors in our continued support of Energy Gardens.

Our hope and ambition is that our time, sweat, and attempts at manual labour will go towards improving the social interaction with localised energy and wellbeing initiatives and in turn help with the process of increasing awareness of the possibilities right on our doorsteps.

Thank you Energy Gardens for doing what you are doing – an inspiration for us all.

Paul Lewis,  Chief Digging Officer