Congratulations to all the respondents of this year’s GRESB Real Estate Assessment

The 2016 GRESB Real Estate Assessment results are in and Carbon Credentials is proud to have supported a number of our clients in making their submissions this year.

GRESB is an industry-driven organisation that benchmarks the sustainability performance of real estate companies. As a result, companies can better identify opportunities for performance improvements, both in absolute terms and relative to their peers.

This year Carbon Credentials supported the submission for 21 funds with 16 of them successfully achieving Green Star awards. 15 increased their score, demonstrating their strong commitment to improving environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. We also helped four funds complete their first submission, with two receiving the coveted Green Star award.

GRESB Blog Sample Scorecard

Example GRESB Real Estate scorecard

The results today will provide all the funds we support with a framework for the coming year to focus on key areas and we look forward to guiding them through this process utilising the valuable outputs from the GRESB Real Estate Assessment.

The GRESB Real Estate Assessment is beneficial to both investors and energy managers who operate the assets.

“By participating in GRESB’s annual assessment, companies and fund managers will be able to better manage their portfolios in the face of more volatile energy supply, stricter legislation to combat climate change, increased energy efficiency requirements and changing preferences of corporate tenants.”


As an Associate Partner of GRESB, Carbon Credentials is well placed to support your submission to the GRESB Real Estate Assessment.

If you would like more information on either improving your score or submitting for the first time please contact one of our experts hereTo find out more about our GRESB Reporting services, click here.