Carbon Credentials + Future Proptech 2019

We are proud to be sponsoring the 5th annual Future Proptech event.

Date: May 14th 2019

Business Design Centre
52 Upper Street
N1 0QH

We will be hosting a workshop and running a live demo showing the impact of smart buildings on your people.

Our Chief Innovation Officer, Cian Duggan will be facilitating an invite-only workshop on the impact of smarter buildings on your people, brand and bottom line.

Using Proptech to drive business value

Business value from proptech and smart buildings exists at three levels:

  • Brand: Increased Brand value. Is there a good news story that we can help create and communicate from your building to the wider world?
  • People: Business value from more productive/happier People. Can we help make your building better for the staff/tenants/guests, increasing productivity and staff attraction/retention
  • Facility. Business value from lower cost Facilities. Smart buildings using proptech sensibly are efficient buildings. How can the combination of data from IoT sensors, with connectivity into legacy systems reduce costs and improve building efficiency?

Plus, see our live demo!  We will be displaying data collected in real time from sensors around the room to show the changing CO2 and temperature levels and how this affects your productivity and comfort. Come and talk to us about how we use IoT sensors to uncover insights into how to create better spaces for your buildings and the people within them.

Our technology solutions align sustainability to increased business value.

Transform your buildings into smart buildings to uncover inefficiencies & opportunities.

Find out more at Future Proptech

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Why Make Your Buildings Smarter?

Who we are

Data-driven engagement services to help our clients achieve their sustainability ambitions

  • Creating spaces that people love working and staying in, that have a smaller carbon footprint, and win awards.
  • We are the experts in setting ambitious sustainability strategies and optimising assets for wellbeing. This helps global organisations to increase competitiveness and reduce costs.

What we do

We make sustainability exciting

  • We help our clients through a combination of technology, data intelligence and people engagement to deliver impact and results.
  • From strategy through to delivery, Carbon Credentials supports the entire carbon reduction process – engaging stakeholders and employees from board room through to boiler room – to enhance an organisation’s carbon performance in a way that’s good for the planet, staff wellbeing, the company’s reputation and the business bottom line.