Could environmental action be a catalyst for increased health and wellbeing?

We all know that physical activity is good for us but this doesn’t always result in action. So what if more environmentally friendly behaviours could increase your physical activity? 1 in 4 adults aren’t physically active

Physical activity is proven to help prevent heart disease, diabetes, cancer and much more, but worldwide 1 in 4 adults do not meet the global recommendations for physical activity set by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Global progress to increase this has been slow, largely due to lack of awareness and investment.

Could going green mean being more active?

We’ve recently seen a huge spike in the level of awareness around environmental issues, and the commitments that both organisations and individuals are making. So could this level of ambition be translated into actions that not only benefit the environment but also health and well-being?

Carbon Credentials has supported an exciting research project funded by Cancer Research UK and led by Professor Danae Manika, to assess whether promoting positive environmental behaviours amongst workplace employees could spill over into increased physical activity and reduce sedentary time (e.g. taking the stairs instead of the lift).

The project used a Bait and Tease marketing campaign. Positive environmental behaviours were promoted, but health and well-being were not referenced in communications. We see the connection between health, well-being and sustainability as an opportunity to inspire colleagues to take action to help the environment whilst creating a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.


For full details of the project, please visit the project webpage here.

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