Energy Savings for Christmas

Let’s face it, office energy consumption isn’t the first thing on your mind over the Christmas break. But with a few easy checks, energy savings can be a gift that keeps on giving!

As we wind down our busy year and leave the office to spend time with family, it’s worth stopping to consider that our unoccupied workplaces may still end up using nearly as much energy as when they’re fully occupied.

Here are some simple, easy checks to ensure your office energy bill gets a well-deserved break over the holidays:

  • BMS holiday mode should be used to hold off central plant and set back schedules and set points. Note that AHU frost protection should still be enabled. Your BMS contractor should be able to assist with this as well as ensure that the BMS has been configured correctly for the holiday period which may include reduced schedules.
  • Whilst you are ensuring that holiday mode is set up, it’s worth reviewing timeclock settings to ensure they still suit current occupancy schedules, and verifying that automatic conversion to daylight savings time has occurred.
  • If optimisers are present, ensure they are set to achieve required temperatures at the beginning of the occupancy period (not earlier).
  • Half-hourly consumption data can provide great insight into a building’s daily load profile. Review the daily profile for any early starts, late stops, or night/weekend load spikes that may indicate unnecessary operation.
  • A quick walk-through to switch off or unplug equipment can be a great way to cut unnecessary load during unoccupied periods. This includes monitors, photocopiers, Christmas lights, task lights, kitchen appliances, power bars, space heaters, AC units… the list goes on! For example, Carbon Credentials has been able to cut our baseload by 63% using this simple walk-through.
  • Take the weight off your shoulders by getting the whole team involved in the walk-through.

This exercise shouldn’t take long and will leave you knowing your building is ready to deliver energy savings over the holiday period and beyond.

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