Digital Disruption in Commercial Real Estate – Opportunity or threat?


SPOILER ALERT – We definitely see it as an opportunity.

“Carbon Credentials definitely see the current digital disruption in buildings as a significant opportunity, and I believe it is corporate and personal values that ensure that businesses can stand out…” CTO, Carbon Credentials, Cian Duggan.

Is your business model ready for 2018?

This was a question posed to attendees of a recent event I attended, hosted by the 360° club in London. Speakers at the event, including Adrian Blair, Global Chief Operating Officer at Just Eat, and Anne Boden, Chief Executive Officer at Starling Bank, shared their experiences leading digital disruption in the own industries of food delivery and banking.

Digital disruption is happening in the world of buildings and energy at a faster rate than seen ever before. More ‘smart buildings’ are being specified and built, whilst existing buildings are being retrofitted with a plethora of sensors, gateways and point solutions. Building information is being made more visible and building control available to increasing numbers of occupants, managing agents, and landlords.

Adapting to this disruption is key to survival in the digital age and excitingly a new generation of proptech professionals are looking to transform the industry. Carbon Credentials has over 41,000 buildings now in our big data, AI enabled platform, ADAPt, and with more and more buildings coming in to our data driven Collaborative Asset Performance Programmes, Carbon Credentials is right in the middle of this disruption.

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The 360° club asked me for my thoughts on why are businesses looking to review business models in 2018? What are the top 3 characteristics of successful disruptors, is industry disruption an opportunity, a threat or neither? And, finally, how can businesses stand out in an increasingly saturated market?

This is what I had to say, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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