Carbon Credentials Christmas Switch-Off

Carbon Credentials is passionate about supporting clients with effective initiatives such as running a Bank Holiday Switch-Off to achieve quick and visible energy savings. As part of our ambition to ensure we are operating as sustainably as possible, Carbon Credentials was eager to implement this engagement initiative in our office and utilise our resourceful knowledge base within the team.

Bank Holiday Switch-Off – Take 1

Our first bank holiday switch-off, in August 2016, was an opportunity to demonstrate our strength to manage, understand and communicate our energy use internally and to our clients. Data collation and analysis was undertaken in our Assured Data Analytics Platform (ADAPt) to provide visibility of energy consumption and identify issues and opportunities for cost savings.

Although we are already maintaining a low baseload, our team was keen to see if we could get this even lower. Through this process we were able to identify where energy was higher than expected and confirm the reasons for this.

blog1-graph blog2-graph

The outcome of Carbon Credentials’ first official switch off was encouraging and we are committed to continue to explore energy saving opportunities, hand-in-hand with enhancing staff wellbeing. The upcoming Christmas break is yet another excellent opportunity to further improve on our office’s energy performance.


Christmas Holiday Switch-Off – Take 2

The Christmas break represents another great opportunity for us to put our ideas into action. We will be taking part in a Christmas Holiday Switch-Off, monitoring our performance and reporting back in the New Year with our progress.

Our Switch-Off Champions are ready:

  • Our Christmas Energy Elves are responsible for switching off before everyone leaves for the Christmas break and ensuring Carbon Credentials undergoes a complete switch-off.

The company has been engaged:

  • The circulation of communications material and graphics provide understanding on energy saving impacts. Displaying these on our screens around the offices provides multiple touch points and keeps energy in mind.

Data monitoring rearing to go!

  • Data loggers in place and set to monitor our progress, look out for results in the New Year.

For more information on our work with Bank Holiday Switch-Offs, read our client Success Stories here.

If you’re interested in running a similar shut down initiative and would like help, please contact our team.