CDP timelines for 2018 and 2019 released!

 CDP has released details of the 2018 scores and a 2019 timeline. 2018 scores will be available on the 22nd January, public responses are now available on the CDP website.

The CDP key dates for 2018/19 are below

2019 will be a consolidation year

Looking forward CDP has indicated there will be no significant changes to the questionnaire in 2019 and most questions will remain the same. This provides an excellent opportunity for companies to consolidate their disclosures for Climate Change, Water and Forests and utilise CDP to respond to investor requests for information.

As a Silver Climate Change Consultancy Partner, and the first UK Science-based targets partner, Carbon Credentials is well-versed in supporting companies with their responses. In 2017 we supported 1 in 6 companies who achieved a Leadership score in the UK.

Conducting an initial gap analysis of your 20  18 disclosure against the 2019 questionnaire is an easy way to understand where to focus efforts.

Carbon Credentials can provide expert support to your organisation on how to improve CDP performance and investor confidence.

Contact the team to learn more about improving your CDP score.