CDP results 2017: how did you do?

The CDP results have just been announced and this year our clients have done better than ever before.

As an accredited CDP partner, Carbon Credentials has supported over 20 businesses to produce their climate change disclosure this year.

These disclosures are increasingly important as a means for investors to judge the future risk of their investments and for organisations to effectively communicate the action they are taking to address climate change issues.

Congratulations to those that participated, see how our clients performed below!

CDP Scores in 2017

Our clients have been nominated for CDP awards

We’re delighted to announce that this year two of our clients have been nominated for CDP awards for both Climate Change and Water questionnaires.

Congratulations to Kennedy Wilson on being nominated for the ‘Best first time responder’ for their very first CDP Climate Change response. In 2017 we also started working with Taylor Wimpey on their response. Congratulations to them on being nominated for the ‘Best year on year improvement’ for their Water response. We wish the best of luck to both companies.

What were the changes to the CDP in 2017?

In 2017 there were changes to the CDP scoring methodology. For the first time, points were available for having carbon reduction targets approved by the Science Based Target initiative and organisations were able to report emissions not only on the traditional location-based method, but also on the updated GHG Protocol ‘market-based’ method. This second reported figure takes into account electricity procured through low carbon tariffs or generated from renewables.

How is the CDP changing in 2018?

Carbon Credentials contributed to the consultation on the reimagining of the CDP’s Climate Change, Water and Forest questionnaires. This gave us vital insight into the upcoming changes to the 2018 CDP questionnaires.

CDP has announced in 2018 that there will be significant changes to the layout and scope of the submission. The main differences will be:

  • The introduction of sector-specific questions.
  • Incorporation of the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure. Questions will be grouped into the same four categories as the TCFD, including: 1) Governance 2) Strategy 3) Risk management and 4) Metrics & targets.
  • An emphasis on scenario analyses and the future of business operations under climate scenarios.

CDP Scoring Methodology released in December 2018

The new guidance will be released before the New Year and the New Scoring methodology will come along in early 2018 – which doesn’t leave much time until the June 2018 deadline!

We will be holding an event in January once the questionnaire has been released to run through the changes to the questionnaire and help you understand what the TCFD recommendations mean for your business. If you would like to attend, please register your interest below.

As an accredited CDP partner, we are perfectly positioned to help you understand your CDP score and use this reporting framework as a tool to drive action and performance improvements across your organisation.

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