5 things to remember before the 2019 CDP submission deadline

By Nate Genest

With the end of July and the 2019 CDP deadline fast approaching, we have put together a list of items that you might have forgotten yet are crucial to remember before that ‘submit’ button should be pressed. Don’t get caught out on deadline day – read through them below:

1. Verify that the emissions figures and breakdowns are equal

Some businesses may have operations that span across a number of facilities and countries which may make it difficult to aggregate. However, in order to receive full points in the quantitative questions, ensure that the Scope 1 and 2 totals disclosed match with the breakdowns.

2. Double-check all attachments

Not having properly attached a document to your response will cost you a significant amount of points. Ensure you have provided additional details such as page numbers and comments to avoid dropping easy points.

3. Arrange payment of the CDP fee

Before you can submit your response, the CDP fee must be invoiced in full. Remember to do this ahead of time so you are not left scrambling in the last moments before the deadline.

4. Ensure that either a board-member or an executive signs-off on your response

Obtaining signoff from a person at one of those senior positions will grant you more points as it indicates that your company’s impact on the natural world is of prime concern. It is important to note that full Leadership points are not awarded for any C-suite officer signoff, but only when a select-few members (CEO, CFO or COO) have granted their seal of approval.

5. Publicise your response

Openly sharing your disclosure on the CDP website showcases to your stakeholders and the general public that your company is committed to being an environmental steward. Just make sure to run the spell-check built in directly in the portal to avoid any head-thumping typos. Remember, you can only achieve an A rating if your response is public.

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