Carbon Credentials collects for Lymphoma Association

Last week, Carbon Credentials staff were out and about in London collecting money for charity under the 3Ci banner.

What is 3Ci?

3Ci stands for the Carbon Credentials Charity Initiative and is our workplace volunteering and charity fundraising scheme, set up and run by Carbon Credentials employees.

Earlier this year we voted to support two charities – SolarAid and The Lymphoma Association – meaning all the money we fundraise through our fundraising activities, such as marathons, auctions, cake sales, and so on, will go to these two fantastic charities.

What have we been up to?

Last Friday, Carbon Credentials employees took to the streets to collect money for Lymphoma Association. The Lymphoma Association raises money to conduct vital research on lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system), and to provide invaluable support to both those with the disease and their friends and family.

Winston and Isabel taking time away from the office to collect money and show off their Lymphoma buckets and balloons

Scarlett taking a selfie on the way out to the collection

Winston raising awareness of Lymphoma Association in the way only he does best

Emma looking happy after raising £96.93 in just one session!

Emma and Scarlett coming back after a long day collecting in and around Regent Street

In total, we raised over £500 for this amazing charity whilst raising awareness of this disease which, despite being the fourth most common cancer in the UK, is fairly unknown. Any money we raise for our two charities will be doubled by Carbon Credentials at year end, meaning over £1000 will go to Lymphoma Association.

What’s planned next?

This week we will be taking part in a charity pub quiz for both of our charities, curated by Carbon Credentials employees. Some of us will be taking part in Movember with the proceeds also going to SolarAid and Lymphoma Association.

Please click here to donate to the Lymphoma Association and help provide sufferers of lymphoma with of the vital information and support they need to help manage