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Scope 3 & Science-Based Targets Webinar Q&A

On April 18th 2018 we hosted a webinar on Scope 3 & Science-Based Targets with our partner CDP. Here are the Q&As from the event. Question 1 If you are still calculating your full Scope 3 emissions profile – this could take some time – can you submit your Scope 1&2 emissions targets for official validation, with […]

How to achieve your best CDP score in 2018

Did you know we supported 1 in 6 companies achieving leadership in the UK CDP Climate Change and Water Programmes? Last week CDP released the guidance and scoring methodology for the general questions in their Climate Change, Water and Forests questionnaires. The CDP disclosures are increasingly important as a means for investors to judge the […]

Understanding the context for the new Non-Financial Reporting Directive

In the last few months there have been a number of headlines which have made me feel slightly uneasy about the apparent waning political response to climate change, despite the world experiencing a second, successive, record annual rise in carbon dioxide concentrations. Last week documents belonging to a senior British civil servant at the Department […]

Changes to CDP in 2016: Driving Ambition and Leadership

Hooray for CDP results! The CDP Climate Change results were released this month and many companies are celebrating improved scores. All of Carbon Credentials’ CDP clients saw an improvement in their CDP disclosure scores. To find out how your company has performed against your market peers in the 2015 CDP climate change questionnaire please download our free report […]

Shifting to a Low-Carbon Economy: notes from the APPCCG

On Tuesday 13th October, I attended the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group’s (APPCCG) event on ‘Coordinating a coherent response to climate change to build growth across world markets’. The APPCCG aims to encourage effective policymaking in Westminster through a number of key events, roundtable discussions and fundamental research activity. It is hosted by Caroline […]

Climate Talks for Business: Post-Event Report

On 1st of October the ICAEW, Carbon Credentials, and the Prince of Wales’ Corporate Leaders Group co-hosted an event looking at what successful climate talks in Paris (the United Nations Framework Convention on Climates Change’s 21st session of the Conference of the Parties, or COP21) this December would mean for businesses. Over 100 delegates gathered at […]

Carbon Credentials Becomes GRESB Associate Partner, Helps Real Estate Clients

Carbon Credentials Energy Services Limited (Carbon Credentials), the London based carbon compliance and energy performance consultancy, is delighted to announce that it has recently become an Associate Partner of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) and has supported some of its real estate clients to achieve ‘Green Star’ ratings across their portfolios. Carbon Credentials […]

Water and Business: re-framing the international climate negotiations

For this year’s World Water Week, I attended The Crowd’s “Water and the CEO” event in London, and unlike many events on climate change, I walked away feeling positive and invigorated. The topic at my round-table focused on water, the international climate negotiations and the role of business – framed by the following analogy: “If climate change were […]