Top Tips for Switching Off this Bank Holiday

As we head towards the last bank holiday of the year your building’s energy consumption might not be high on your priority list. However a simple switch off plan is an easy way to find some cost savings and give your equipment the summer holiday it deserves.

It is worth remembering that as you step out the office for a well-earned rest, your empty workplace could potentially use just as much energy as when it’s fully occupied. However, by following the guide below, and making a few simple checks and adjustments, it’s easy to make sure that your energy bill doesn’t come back to haunt you:

  1. Activate BMS holiday mode to hold off central plant, and adjust set points and time schedules. If needs be, contact your BMS contractor as they will be able to help with implementing these settings and configuring them correctly.
  2. Whilst employing holiday mode, take a moment to review the standard time clock settings to ensure that they align with the current occupancy schedule. Verifying that the system has automatically transitioned to daylight savings time will also ensure optimal performance.
  3. Analyse half-hourly consumption data to gain valuable insight into your building’s daily load profile. Spikes in the early hours of the morning, late at night or during the weekend may indicate needless operation of equipment.
  4. Optimisers ensure that the required conditions are met for the start of occupancy, so you should set them for when the working day begins, not before.
  5. A quick walk around to turn off or unplug equipment is a fantastic way to cut load over the holidays. This includes monitors, printers, photocopiers, kitchen appliances, space heaters, AC units… etc. For example, here at Carbon Credentials we were able to cut our baseload by 63%, equivalent to 817kg in carbon emissions, using this simple walk-through. It’s simpler to do this if the whole office is engaged, so circulate emails, display graphics and give the team a run through of what they can do.

Following this process isn’t time-consuming or arduous, and it will be sure to leave you safe in the knowledge that your building is operating efficiently and effectively over the coming bank holidays!

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to know about more about boosting energy savings in your building