Kyna Huysmans


Kyna works in the risk management team and has a broad skill set with experience in mandatory disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions on an international scale; assurance through ISO 14064-3 verification and voluntary reporting mechanisms and target setting frameworks such as GRESB, CDP and Science-Based Targets.

Kyna specialises in the commercial real estate sector and has worked with many of Carbon Credentials’ key clients in this field including Hermes, BMO REP, Cadogan Estates, Aviva Investors and The Crown Estate. She is the product delivery owner for Carbon Credentials’ GRESB reporting services and helps the team adapt to the changing reporting landscape for this mechanism.

Kyna has over five years of experience helping organisations achieve their sustainability objectives. She graduated with a first class Environmental Science undergraduate degree from the University of Reading and an MSc in Carbon Management from Edinburgh University. She went on to establish an exemplary sustainability programme for a public-sector organisation in Scotland and a private manufacturing business in Wales before joining the team at Carbon Credentials.