Alison Mungall, MA, MRICS

Compliance Director

Alison has been actively involved with all aspects of the UK’s CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) and the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) since their inception, and has managed the entire process from qualification to compliance for more than 30 participants in both schemes. She has also advised transnational corporations on their qualification for the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive across EU member states.

Alison has developed good relationships with BEIS and the Environment Agency and is a member of the government’s CRC and ESOS Operations Liaison Group. She has played an active role in the consultation process for CRC simplification, the Energy Efficiency Taxation Review and the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting framework.

Alison Mungall is a chartered surveyor, with more than 10 years previous experience in property management in the UK, Central Europe and South East Asia. Prior to Carbon Credentials, Alison specialised in property portfolio management and valuations for institutional property investors.