Who We Are

Created in 2013, the Carbon Credentials Charity Initiative (3Ci) is our workplace volunteering and charity fundraising scheme, set up and run by Carbon Credentials employees.

As a professional services firm in the sustainability sector, we are keen to have an impact across the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, economic and social. Our vision for 3Ci is to showcase the role businesses can play in enabling a zero carbon economy.

Impact so far


Hours Volunteered

£32, 573

Pounds Raised

We have voted to support two charities – SolarAid and Lymphoma Action from 2017 to 2018. All the money we raise through our fundraising activities; marathons, auctions, cake sales, and lots more, will go to these two fantastic charities.

“We are so delighted to be working with Carbon Credentials who have already raised a  fabulous £5000 for Lymphoma Action. We wish all the intrepid walkers involved in the Three Peaks Challenge the best of luck. All these donations help us ensure no one has to face their lymphoma Alone.”
-Sarah Thorn, Lymphoma Action

What are we doing?



We have partnered with Ashden, a charity that champions and supports the leaders in sustainable energy to accelerate the transition to a zero carbon world. Ashden’s LESS CO2 programme helps to create more sustainable schools and galvanise young people to join the movement for a low-carbon world. Carbon Credentials is supporting Ashden to measure and verify the impact of its work to help UK schools to save energy, carbon and cost.


Our mission at Carbon Credentials is to enable a zero carbon economy. We believe that we can provide the most value to society by donating our skills and expertise to enable others in line with our mission. In 2017 we launched our Carbon Credentials Schools Project, to donate our time and expertise to a UK school and its students to identify and implement opportunities for reducing emissions and costs. With help from our partners, Ashden, we have now selected Hayes School which one of our own employees attended.

Repowering London

The Energy Garden project is a partnership project delivered by Repowering London. Over the last 2 years the Energy Garden team have supported communities across London to transform Overground platforms and stations into thriving gardens that incorporate on-site renewable energy. Carbon Credentials has partnered with energy gardens on two projects, the first to create an energy garden at Brondesbury Park overground station and the second at Hayes School in Bromley.

If you’re interested in a partnership or have a volunteering opportunity please email 3Ci@carboncredentials.com

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