5 things you need to do before the CDP Questionnaire deadline

This year, the deadline for submitting to the investor request is the 15th August
and the deadline for the supply chain questionnaires following shortly afterwards on the 29th August.

For 2018, CDP updated the questionnaires across each of the programmes including an increased focus on the TCFD recommendations.

Within the Climate Change questionnaire, 18% of the questions are new, with the remaining 82% of the questions in the 2018 climate change questionnaire have either no change, minor changes, or some modifications from their 2017 counterparts.

The evolution in the questionnaire is accompanied by an updated Online Response System (ORS).

5 things you should be doing ahead of the CDP deadline

Provide a complete disclosure

CDP encourages companies who fully disclose information within their response, so make sure you’ve answered all the relevant questions, avoid answering ‘Unknown’ and don’t leave any boxes blank

Get online

With so many CDP documents, from the guidance, to the scoring methodology, to the technical notes, it can be difficult to make sense of it all. The new ORS contains a helpful synthesis of the guidance and scoring methodology for each question at the click of a button

Check your numbers

Ensure all breakdowns of emissions and energy consumption reported within your disclosure are consistent throughout the response

Tell CDP about your company

In many instances points are awarded for answers that are company-specific and contain examples that differentiate your response from similar organisations

Get an expert second opinion

An independent response check conducted by a third party is a great way to add value at a low cost


As an accredited consultancy partner Carbon Credentials receives training each year from CDP to deliver the CDP Response Check service.

The Response Check is a high level ‘checking’ service for CDP responding companies that have completed their annual CDP response.

Carbon Credentials has delivered a large number of Response Checks in its 6 years as an accredited CDP consultancy partner and has advanced the standardised process to provide its clients with more nuanced and detailed feedback to help clients to improve the quality of their disclosure.

If you would like to improve your submissions please get in touch with us at info@carboncredentials.com

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